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Do you want help in praying for your persecuted brothers and sisters? Prayer News brings you information and inspiration from Christians who live and work where faith costs the most.

Use these audio tracks featuring news, interviews and prayer points to guide your prayers for the persecuted church.

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Pray for persecuted Christians and respond to those in need.

22 June 2017: Iraq: Restoring a town 'piece by piece'

15 June 2017: North Korea: Trafficked woman says 'Thank you'!

09 June 2017: Iraq: Christine released from Islamic State after three years!

01 June 2017: Egypt: Militant bus attack leaves 29 dead


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"If we want to leave an indelible mark on the world, there is no more powerful way to do it than by joining in God's purposes through prayer. Our Prayers can go where we cannot. While many things may seem impossible from a human standpoint, in the realm of prayer there are no impossibilities."
- Brother Andrew